Meeting Minutes

Annual Business Meeting Minutes - Lemoore, California, April 24, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 11:48am, with six Board members, two members and four guests present. (We did not have a quorum, so all decisions were advisory until subsequently voted upon by the Board via email; all decisions below were subsequently finalized.)

The minutes of the last meeting was waived by unanimous vote.


The Treasurer reported Chapter balances as of year end 2015, and noted that while the dues increase from $15 to $20 resulted in slightly increased income, the more favorable result was the reduction in our primincal expense - preparation, printing and mailing of the newsletters.

The Newsletter Editor reported, via email, that we continue to publish newsletters on the same schedule. The Chapter roster and event schedule will be mailed with the May newsletter, expected to reach members via mail by mid-May.

The Secretary (acting) reported, via email, that the annual report to National SPAAMFAA was submitted with all required paperwork on time, including a check for insurance. There are no other issues or correspondence to report.

Website statistics continue to average about 135 page views per week

Membership report reflects 199 paid members as of April 22, 2016. Cut-off for renewal is May 1 to be included in the 2016 Chapter roster.

Old Business:

There was no old business.

New Business:

All four nominees for the 2016-2017 term each received one vote and have been elected; about 45 percentage of the membership particiated in the election. Will noted past vice president Al Schwoerer expressed an interest in joining the board, and suggested nominating Al to the vacant 2016-2017 position. Motion made and passed.

The 2016 Chapter events were discussed, and will be published in the newsletters. No tours are scheduled, but a few have been discussed and may be announced once the details of each can be finalized.

A moment of silence was offered for member Zoltan Szucs, who passed away on March 10. His passing will be noted in the next newsletter.

There were general discussions on the topics of photo submission to Enjine! Enjine! for Chapter events, secondary safety officer role when needed, and ideas about how to increase Chapter membership. No topic required action or vote.

A motion was made to make a donation to our hosts, the Lemoore Volunteer Fire Department, before adjourning at 12:33pm to enjoy a BBQ lunch and apparatus tour of the LVFD equipment, dating back to their 1917 Ford Model T and the 1936 Ford/American LaFrance engine (formerly owned by member Al Schwoerer, before he donated it back to LVFD as the original owner of the apparatus).