Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Virtual Business Meeting Minutes - Statewide via Email, December 2015

The meeting was called into session via email on December 9, 2015, by President Will Radcliffe. All officers and directors were contacted.

The minutes of the last meeting were not read.


The Treasurer reported income for 2015 was $3,648 and expenses were $1,918. The end-of-year balance was $4,853. The dues increase from $15 to $20 per year, generous donations from several members, and cost reductions associated with preparation of the newsletter were the primary reasons for the upswing in our financial condition.

The Newsletter Editor reported we will finish the year with 231 members, which is down from 253 members at this time last year. The lack of new members was one reason for the decline.

There were no reports on any other topics.

Old Business:

There was no old business.

New Business:

The Safety Officer nominated chapter member Michael Gilliam as a secondary safety officer to assist at events. Chapter officers and directors can also assist as requested. It was decided to defer a decision on this matter until the Annual Business Meeting in the Spring.

Nominations for 2016-2017 director positions were received from Jim Henery, David Kromka, Jack Reeves, and Mark Hathaway. Their names will appear on the ballot to be mailed with the January newsletter. There was no nomination for the Secretary/Historian position, and the matter will be discussed at the Annual Business Meeting in the spring.

The Newsletter Editor reviewed several events scheduled for 2016. See the Calendar of Events in the newsletter for details.

In his closing comments, Chapter President Will Radcliffe encouraged all apparatus owners to participate in local events as a means of promoting both the chapter and the hobby. The meeting was adjourned on December 30, 2015.