Meeting Minutes

General Membership Business Meeting Minutes
Treasure Island, San Francisco, Calif.
April 19, 2008, Saturday

Meeting called to order at 1245 hours by President Will Radcliffe.

14 members present, and 1 guest.

Minutes of last Board of Directors meeting were accepted as emailed and posted on web site.


A. Treasurer- read by President. Balance at 31 Dec 2007 was $6,100.00 That was up from the previous year. We stand currently with $6,523.00.

B. Newsletter Editor- no new items to report.

C. Secretary- One item only, regarding National SPAAMFA winter meeting to be hosted by Southern California Chapter, in 2009, located in Pomona on February 25-28, 2009.

D. Website statistics- show hundreds of 'spam' hits. Greatest number of hits was the Events page.

Old Business : None

New Business:

A. Election results- 171 members voted out of a total membership of 330. That is a 52% response of the total membership.

B. Chapter Events for 2008:
May 18 - Pleasanton. California Chapter of SPAAMFAA pump-in. Second Pleasanton pump-in tentative depending out turnout to this one.
June 1 - Hollister Swap Meet, sponsored by Zoltan Szucs and California Chapter SPAAMFAA.
July 4 - Redwood City is again seeking support on Friday this time.
September 21 - Citrus Heights swap meet, co-sponsored by California Chapter of SPAAMFAA
Firestation/Apparatus tours are pending. Two are currently working out the details. One in Redlands, and one in Bellflower.
Other events not sponsored by SPAAMFAA were also covered.
Events mentioned by Del Lindstrom included.
October 4 - Firefest, South Lake Tahoe Airport
October 11 - possibly, Newark City F.D. Open house. Contact Del for date and time.

C. Other New Business: 1. Bob and Marilyn Katzman are selling the Old Firehouse and Engine 33 business in San Francisco.

Adjournment: - at 1300 hours

Program: Tour of SFFDFire Station #48 on Treasure Island.
This station was built right after the bombing of Pearl Harbor after the U.S. Navy to ownership of the island. This station is larger than it looks. It contains a tractor trailer/tillered aerial ladder. Along with two engines, one of which was an old Navy purchase and an ambulance. The old Navy engine was a Pierce, 1000gpm engine with Keystone valves and crosslays, which are foreign in this jurisdiction. Afterwards SFFD performed training by pumping the fireboat "Phoenix" into two aerials to practicing for Treasure Island fires which are large in the abandoned Navy complex. The 5" HT, a 1973 Ward LaFrance was also brought out with it's 4,000' of 5" hose and a dozen Gleason type valves.